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SITU is in the process of developing a strategy to involve patients and public more closely in the work that it does.

SITU is committed to involving patients and the public in the work that it does:

  • SITU is involved in a new research project which aims to develop a patient and public involvement (PPI) intervention to enhance recruitment and retention in surgical trials (PIRRIST). To find out more, please visit the PIRRIST page.
  • SITU is setting up a Research User Group, where we would like to invite patients, public and carers to discuss research proposals that SITU has received, so that the research we do is more patient focused and relevant to what patients think is important. No experience in research is necessary, as training can be provided if desired. 
  • SITU works to promote surgical research and its impact on patient care. To develop this further we need involvement from patients and the public. 

If you would like to get involved, please contact Nicola Farrar (