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SITU is in the process of setting up a Research User Group (RUG). This group will ideally be made up of patients, carers and people who have a general interest in surgical research.


The purpose of the SITU Research User Group (RUG) would be:

  • To ensure the research that is conducted through SITU has a true patient focus. 
  • This will be achieved by requesting that the RUG assesses the merits of our proposed projects. For example, is the project relevant to patient care, is the project to onerous on patient's time.
  • To ensure that funded research presents its objectives appropriately.
  • To ensure that the work SITU does meets standards that are acceptable to patients and the public. 


Participants in a RUG would be offered training on methodologies and other areas that may enable them to feel more confident in the work involved.


The RUG will decide itself how regularly it is appropriate to meet in order to not be too burdensome on its participants. 

Get involved?

If you would like to get involved, or to speak to someone for more information, please email Nicola Farrar (