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Prof David Beard introduces Chair, Prof Sallie Lamb SITU
Prof David Beard introduces Chair, Prof Sallie Lamb

On the 26th March 2014 at St Anne's College Oxford, SITU held the first Royal College of Surgeons Annual Day and the Launch of SITU.

There were 100 people in attendance from a variety of fields, including trainee surgeons, members of the RCS, members of the CRISC and GRIST committees, representatives from funding bodies, the Directors of the RCS Surgical Trials Units, distinguished researchers and surgeons. Professor Tom Walley was in attendance and spoke to the group about Surgical Recruitment in the NIHR and kindly answered questions from the group.

The day included updates from each of the Surgical Trials Units, who updated the group on the progress that their unit had made since their inception. This was supplemented by each region discussing a surgical 'hot topic' of their choice. These included placebo trials, training in for future researchers, pilot studies, surgical devices, and teaching undergraduates.

After lunch each Unit gave a review of a surgical trial that they are involved in. This gave the audience the opportunity to learn more about the research that was taking place across the country and the results that they were getting. This was then supplemented by some of the Surgical Specialty Leads updating on progress that they had made in their fields.

We are particularly grateful to those from the Royal College who were so actively involved in the day, Professors Dion Morton and Derek Alderson played a pivotal part in both the organisation of the event and day itself.