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On the 25th March, SITU ran it's first stand alone workshop for those interested in becoming involved in surgical research. These workshops were held before the RCS Annual Day/Launch of SITU and were twenty minutes each in duration. This gave people a chance to be involved in bite size sessions which are a precursor to future workshops that SITU will run. Please contact Nicola Farrar ( if you would like to be informed of future workshops that SITU is involved in running.

Overview of the workshops

Professors Blazeby, Morton and Carr led the workshops, which were chaired by Professor Beard on a variety of topics pertaining to surgical research. Each one was twenty minutes in length and the groups rotated around each workshop. Each group included a variety of people working in surgical and clinical trials, which encouraged multi-disciplinary discussion.



Below is a selection of the feedback that we received in response to the workshops run on the 25th March. We use the feedback that we receive in order to improve future events and are constantly evolving our curriculum. 

The high calibre of speakers delivering the surgical workshops covered a diverse range of pertinent issues relating to current challenges in conducting clinical trials.  The topics and style of delivery ensured a captive audience and my only criticism would be the sessions could have been longer.  Overall, the workshops afforded a more multi-dimensional understanding of key developments in the area of conducting surgical trials for both clinical and non-clinical attendees. 

- Health Economist

Before attending Professor Dion Morton's workshop, I hadn't heard of the concept of pragmatic surgical trials. Dion's focused and concise talk has given me a new perspective on how to assess the worthiness of all surgical trials.

Professor Carr shares new and thought-provoking research on surgical placebo that must challenge current practice.

The workshops are an ideal way to learn from some of the most experienced people in surgical trials. The format is interactive and concise with the workshops only lasting an hour. 

- Trainee Surgeon
It was a pleasure to attend the recent SITU Surgical  Training Workshops.  The speakers brought enthusiasm as well as expertise to the sessions which were pitched so as to be interesting and engaging whether you knew a lot or a little about clinical trials.    The informal nature of the workshops provided an excellent opportunity for discussion and the sharing of ideas and knowledge.  I’m looking forward to the next ones and would highly recommend them to anyone with an interest in clinical trials or surgical research.
- Trial Coordinator