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NINJA-P has now reached it's recruitment target!

Ninja recruitment reaches target

On Monday 27th July 2015 the team at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital randomised the 59th and 60th patients into the NINJA-P study. This means that the recruitment target of 60 patients has now been reached, and sites are no longer identifying patients for the study.


The NINJA-P study, which is a pilot study, looks at whether it is feasible to recruit patients to a study that compares replacing or discarding the nail plate in nail bed injuries in children under 16.  NINJA-P is the first trial to be run by the Reconstructive Surgery Trials Network.


Whilst there were some peaks and troughs with recruitment (largely corresponding with the school holidays!), two sites (Mid-Essex and Guy’s and St Thomas’) recruited above their target of fifteen patients.


The staff at all of the sites worked so hard to recruit patients and have been doing a really good job at coordinating the follow ups and returning all key study documents.


Although recruitment is over, follow up will continue until the last patient has been in the study for four months. The four month follow up is coordinated from the study team in Oxford, and is either completed in the patient’s local clinic or done remotely using a postal questionnaire.


The Investigators are currently looking to explore future funding opportunities for the full NINJA study. 

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