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Investigators on the NINJA-P study gathered in Oxford on Tuesday 14th July for the second Investigators Meeting

Second ninja p investigators meeting held

On the 14th July 2015, NINJA-P Investigators gathered in Oxford to discuss recruitment, publications and the full study work up. NINJA-P is recruiting well, and it is expected that recruitment will finish by the end of July.

Most of the sites were represented at the meeting, and all shared their experiences of NINJA-P. For many of the Investigators, being a Principal Investigator (PI) is a relatively new experience and everyone was keen to share the highs and lows that they had encountered so far.

Whilst some problems are unique to individual sites, it became clear that some issues were arising across all of the sites. For example, sites had all had patients who were ineligible because the parent didn't speak satisfactory English. By examining the screening logs and talking to site staff, the Investigators will be able to factor issues and things that have been learnt from the pilot into the design of the full NINJA-P study.

The future of NINJA was discussed, now that recruitment is nearly finished. The pilot has had such a lot of momentum from staff across the sites that funding for a full study, which will be expanded to several more sites, will be applied for. 

With only four patients left to recruit, and with the summer holidays having started, we are hopeful that the final few patients will be recruited soon.

Any meeting is incomplete without snacks!




Any meeting would be incomplete without snacks!