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On the 16th March 2015, members of the SITU team attended the Orthopaedic Surgical Trials Day, hosted by the Royal College of Surgeons of England

Situ attends the orthopaedic surgical trials day

The first ever Orthopaedic Surgical Trials Day was held at the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) on Monday 16th March 2015.  The day was sponsored jointly by the RCS, the Oxford Surgical Intervention Trials Unit (NDORMS) and the British Orthopaedic Association Orthopaedic Surgery Research Centre (York Trials Unit).  The objective of the day was to bring together the orthopaedic surgical research community to present current trials, intended projects and discuss issues that affect surgical trial research in this area.

The day was  attended by a mixture of experienced researchers, novice clinical researchers, surgeons, research nurses and the odd Channel 4 newsreader!  Jon Snow gave a talk about the role media can play in promoting clinical research.

jon snow


NDORMS were well represented at the event.  Professor Andy Carr presented on “Challenges with surgical trials” and Professor David Beard presented the CSAW study and also highlighted other studies from the NDORMS SITU portfolio.  Breakout sessions were held in the afternoon.  Naomi Merritt and Cushla Cooper from the CSAW study hosted one of these in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Bristol.  Their session focused on the perils of recruiting patients to studies and presented work from the Qualitative Recruitment Investigation that was included in the CSAW study.

The event shows how far we have come in the world of surgical research.  It is unlikely that an event such as this would have succeeded owing to the previous paucity, popularity and the quality of orthopaedic surgical research.  The increasing portfolio of orthopaedic and plastics trials in the NDORMS SITU portfolio (UKUFF, TOPKAT, CSAW, NINJA) has helped shape current orthopaedic surgical trials research.  The day provided an excellent opportunity to share the knowledge and experience gained by the Oxford team with the wider orthopaedic community.  The team look forward to sponsoring more of these events and, along with a strong partnership with the BOA unit at York, help move orthopaedic research into the future.

The RCS day was supplemented by a Trauma and Orthopaedics trials day and Trauma Society special interest day hosted by Professor Matt Costa in Warwick on the Wednesday and Thursday.  Again, Oxford had good representation with David Beard speaking on behalf of SITU.

Cushla Cooper

SITU Portfolio Manager (Orthopaedics & Plastics)