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The NINJA Pilot study, the first to be led by plastic surgeons and trainee surgeons, had its first Investigators Meeting in Oxford on 10th March 2015. NINJA is the first trial to be backed by the RSTN, BSSH, BAPRAS and the Oxford Surgical Intervention Trials Unit.

The NINJA Pilot study is looking at whether nail plates should be replaced or discarded in children under 16 with nail bed injuries. Pump prime funded by the British Society for Surgery of the Hand, Chief Investigators Abhilash Jain (Royal College of Surgeons Surgical Specialty Lead for Plastics) and Aina Greig are supported by a number of Principal Investigators and the team here in SITU. The study sponsor it the University of Oxford.

NINJA is currently obtaining R+D approvals from the 4 sites, listed below:

  • Guys and St Thomas'-PI Aina Greig
  • John Radcliffe-PI Dominic Furniss
  • Broomfield-PI Claire Zwiefel
  • Hull-PI Richard Pinder
After a successful Investigators Meeting, we are hoping to finalise R+D approvals in the near future and get recruitment up and running at all sites.

The aim is to recruit 60 patients in 3 months across the 4 sites. The NINJA Study team will publish the protocol and will shortly be working on a full grant application.