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The NINJA Study Team are working up an application to run the full study, after the success of the pilot. To prepare the application, a focus group with parents was held to discuss their thoughts on the proposed study.

Situ hosts ninja focus group

On the 7th March 2016, a group of parents gathered to discuss the proposed NINJA study, a grant application being worked up by SITU. The NINJA study will aim to assess whether the fingernail should be replaced or discarded after surgery to repair the nail bed in children. SITU recently was involved in running the NINJA-P Study, which was a pilot of the full study.

The meeting, which was attended by 6 parents (and one toddler), aimed to discuss the proposed follow-up for the study, which outcomes were important for parents, and what sort of study materials would be popular. These topics were particularly important for the NINJA Study Team because they were areas that had encountered difficulties in the pilot.

The discussions were very beneficial for the Study Team, and the structure of the follow-up in NINJA was changed based on the recommendations of the group. We are very grateful to everyone who took the time out to attend.

This was the first focus group that the SITU Team had run themselves, so were particularly pleased that it was a success. They would like to acknowledge the NIHR Research Design Services (South Central) for their advisory and financial support. 

NINJA Focus Group