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Members of the SITU team recently attend the International Clinical Trials Methodology Conference in Glasgow.

Situ staff attend 3rd international clinical trials methodology conference


13 members of the SITU team travelled to Glasgow to attend the two day conference, which was held at the SCC. Between the group there were 3 oral presentations and 5 poster presentations. Professor David Beard, SITU Co-Director, presented ‘Is over recruitment to a single site problematic for surgical trials?’, and Professor Jonathan Cook, SITU Deputy Director, presented ‘Impact of timing of follow-up upon outcome in the TOPKAT trial’ and ‘A systematic review of the use of an expertise-based randomised trial design’.   



There were several themes that ran throughout the meeting, in particular making studies more efficient. One major element was increasing the number of SWATs (Studies Within a Trial) that are run. SWATs are small studies which are run within individual trials, and can consist of relatively simple ideas that are designed to improve recruitment, such as including a pen when asking participants to return questionnaires.




The next conference will be held in Liverpool from 7-10 May 2017 and will be jointly hosted with the Society for Clinical Trials (SCT).