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A Twitter campaign ran from 16th-20th May 2016 to celebrate research and mark International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) 2016 on the 20th. The hashtag #whywedoresearch was used across the world to highlight research and the challenges and rewards that undertaking research presents.

Situ 2


To mark ICTD, SITU took part in the ‘tweetfest’ throughout the week, tweeting pictures and joining in Twitter conversations. As part of the initiative, members of the SITU team were invited to write their thoughts on an ‘I do research because’ speech bubble. The initiative became so popular it was widened to other research groups and members of both NDORMS and NDS took part.

Many of the captions were thought provoking and they reflected the diversity of the group, but showed that we all work in research for a reason. Wanting to help patients, benefiting future generations, and a desire to know ‘why’ were all common themes.


Pictures were posted on Twitter throughout the week, and people are still continuing to take part in the initiative. Our collection of ‘I do research because’ bubbles were displayed at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre on the 20th May, and the pictures were displayed at the John Radcliffe on the same day. The bubbles have now taken up a permanent residence on the SITU noticeboard in the Botnar Research Centre.