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The UK TAVI Trial, which is looking at TAVI, compared to conventional surgical aortic valve replacement, has recruited its 100th participant.

Uk tavi recruits its 100th participant

The UK TAVI Trial (Chief Investigator Dr William Toff, Trial Manager Dr Samuel Fatoba) recruited its 100th participant on the 8th April 2015. The recruiting centre was St Thomas’, which was only opened to recruitment at the end of March. This was a fantastic effort  by the team at St Thomas’, who worked so hard to get their first patient recruited.

The UK TAVI team would like to thank all of the sites who are involved in the study who have worked so hard to recruit patients. Their efforts are invaluable to the continued success of the study.

If you would like any information on the UK TAVI Trial, please do not hesitate to contact the study office, either by telephone (01865 223476) or by email (


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