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Jonathan Cook

Associate Professor, Deputy Director of SITU

Cushla Cooper

Research Manager

Akiko Greshon

Data Support Clerk

Neelam Hassanali

Clinical Research Coordinator

Rajeev Kumar
Rajeev Kumar

Senior Programmer

Jiyang Li

PA to Professor David Beard and Administrative Assistant

Peter McCulloch
Peter McCulloch

SITU Deputy Director

Surjeet Singh

Clinical Trials Manager

Claire Thomson

SITU Development Lead

SITU Trial Staff

Vandana Ayyar-Gupta

Trial Manager (FAIT)

Loretta Davies

Trial Manager (TOPKAT)

Rachel Dorman

Clinical Trials Study Coordinator

Lazarina Engonidou

UK TAVI Clinical Data Manager

Steffi le Conte

Clinical Trial Manager, PART Study

Carlos Margado Areia

ACL SNNAP Trial Manager/Research Physiotherapist

Naomi Merritt

Trial Manager (CSAW)

Ivy Raymundo

Clinical Trial Manager-SPAARK

Elena Villarreal

UK TAVI Trial Manager

Carol Wallis

ART Trial Manager

Alex Webb

UK TAVI Trial Coordinator

Edmund Wyatt

ART Trial Assistant-Data Entry


Philip Bejon
Philip Bejon

Andrew Carr
Andrew Carr

Chief Investigator (UKUFF)

Sion Glyn-Jones
Sion Glyn-Jones

Chief Investigator (FAIT)

Rutger J. Ploeg

Professor of Transplant Biology

Andrew Price
Andrew Price

Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

Matthew Scarborough
Matthew Scarborough

Chief Investigator (OvIVA)

Prasanna Sooriakumaran
Prasanna Sooriakumaran

Senior Clinical Researcher

David Taggart
David Taggart

ART Chief Investigator

William Toff
William Toff

Chief Investigator (UK TAVI)