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Surjeet Singh

BSc, PhD

Clinical Trials Manager

I joined SITU (NDS) in November 2014 as the Clinical Trials Manager/Operational Lead. I am responsible for managing the portfolio of surgical trials and trial managers.

I obtained a PhD degree in Non-Viral Gene Therapy from the School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham.  After which I worked as a formulation scientist at Aphton Corporation and then moved to lead a formulation team at Glide Pharma.  During my time at Glide Pharma ( I was highly involved in setting up and running two Phase 1 CTIMP clinical trials including the GMP manufacture of the IMP.  I joined Oxford University in 2010, to manage a multi-centre vasculitis study called TABUL which was funded by NIHR HTA programme (CI - Prof Raashid Luqmani, NDORMS, ), after successfully completion of recruitment and analysis phase in 2014, I decided to move to NDS. I am also a member of the Oxford C Ethics Committee since January 2013.

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